Euroleague 2018-19, Regular Season, Round 1

I started thinking of additional information we can extract from the Euroleague data to give us a better understanding of what happened in each round. What I realized is that there isn’t much work done on evaluating lineups instead of teams and individual players. Since we have the play-by-play data a simple analysis based on the scoring and the minutes played can be made.

The most interesting findings, based on my opinion are:

The usual offensive and defensive powerhouses

  • Real Madrid CAUSEUR, RANDOLPH, TAVARES, LLULL, TAYLOR  with 55 points scored in 17 minutes and plus-minus +14. This is also the highest time on the court for any lineup.
  • CSKA Moscow VORONTSEVICH, HINES, RODRIGUEZ, CLYBURN, HIGGINS with 37 points scored in 13 minutes and plus-minus +12. The second highest time on the court
  • Fenerbahce MELLI, SLOUKAS, GUDURIC, DUVERIOGLU, DATOME suffered only 2 points on defense in 5 minutes.

Promising Transfers

The following lineups are in the top-5 in the plus-minus ranking while having at least 2 new players:

  • Efes BALBAY, BEAUBOIS, PLEISS, MOTUM, LARKIN with plus-minus +11
  • Efes MOERMAN, DUNSTON, MICIC, SIMON, BALBAY with plus-minus +9
  • Panathinaikos LANGFORD, CALATHES, LASME, LOJESKI, THOMAS with plus-minus +9

Anadolu Efes (for good reasons)

As you noticed they have 2 lineups in the plus-minus category and in the points scored per minute category with only one player in common! MOERMAN, DUNSTON, MICIC, SIMON, BALBAY also record very impressive defensive performance with 0.5 points against per minute.

Khimki and Maccabi Tel Aviv (for bad reasons)

The coaches insisted in line-ups that didn’t fulfill their expectations:

  • Khimki SHVED, BOST, CROCKER, GILL, MICKEY stayed in the court for 16 minutes recording only +1 as plus-minus
  • Maccabi WILBEKIN, O’BRYANT III, ROLL, KANE, BLACK stayed in the court for 11 minutes recording 0 as plus-minus

Find below the detailed results.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since I have developed the code needed to produce the above, its very easy to produce the above statistics for every round and also the aggregates for each phase. I am looking to enrich these with more analytics so any suggestion is welcome.

If you would like to see something, or you think something doesn’t make much sense please reach out on my twitter account @EDataGuy

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