Euroleague 2018-19, Regular Season, Round 3

As always, when there is a double-game week we always have interesting results and surprises. The home teams manage to win only half of the games. Let’s have a look on the lineup rankings for Round 3 of Euroleague 2018-19, Regular Season.

Best Line-ups for PlusMinus

  • Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv, BLACK | CALOIARO | KANE | ROLL | WILBEKIN managed to record the best performance on a single round recording +16 in 19 minutes!
  • Real Madrid is having yet another entry in the top plus-minus with a different line-up every round! This time it was CAMPAZZO | CARROLL | FERNANDEZ | REYES | TAVARES who recorded +11 in 8 minutes. The Round 2 included Causer and Randolph and Round 1 Llull and Taylor
  • As you have noticed I have included the top 10 entries because I wanted to highlight AX Armani Exchange Olimpia Milan lineup ratings. JAMES and NEDOVIC are part of 3 different lineups in this top-10.  They were together part of another lineup which recorded a -6 in 9 minutes making altogether an impressive +20 for the 24 minutes they stayed together on the court.


Line-ups with Most Minutes Played

  • Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv,BLACK | CALOIARO | KANE | ROLL | WILBEKIN rightfully stayed for 19 minutes making them also the lineup with the most minutes on the court
  • As a general observation we can tell from the chart below that coaches are learning their teams better and can correctly identify in which line-up they should give more time on the court. You can see that there is only Buducnost recording a 0 in the plus minus. Even in that case this lineup was not so bad, considering they lost with 10 points. All the other entries have positive plus-minus which shows that staffs  are making better decisions on their player choices as the season progresses.


I am preparing the aggregated results for all the rounds and once we have few more games I will release them. As always reach out to me via twitter on for remarks and questions.

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