Euroleague 2018-19, Regular Season, Round 4

Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow are continuing their undefeated row and as you can imagine they have a lot of entries in the top lineup rankings. All the usual suspects are there, but there is time there is a new member of CSKA.

It was suggested that also the rankings for pairs of players might be interesting as well, so I will be showing the plus-minus for this category as well.

Best Line-ups for PlusMinus

  • Anadolu Efes with the lineup of BEAUBOIS | MICIC | MOERMAN | PLEISS | SIMON managed to win Fenerbache recording a +12 in 6 minutes
  • CSKA Moscow having two lineups CLYBURN | DE COLO | HUNTER | PETERS | RODRIGUEZ and another one with HIGGINS in the place of RODRIGUEZ recording +11 in 5 minutes and +9 in just 2 minutes
  • Real Madrid with their well established lineup of CAUSEUR | LLULL | RANDOLPH | TAVARES | TAYLOR recording a +9 in 13 minutes
  • Barcelona Lassa with CLAVER | KURIC | PANGOS | SINGLETON | TOMIC recording a +10 in 9 minutes managed to get the victory in Istabul. Notice that is the only lineup with 3 transfers.
  • Zalgiris Kaunas surprised Panathinaikos with an away victory and the best lineup for them was DAVIES | ULANOVAS | WALKUP | WHITE | WOLTERS recording a +8 in 7 minutes


Line-ups with Most Minutes Played

  • Nothing worked for Buducnost VOLI Podgorica and the lineup CLARK | CLARKE | CRAFT | GORDIC | OMIC recording the worst plus-minus for all the rounds for the lineup with the most minutes played: -13 in 14 minutes. I guess this is reasonable given the -34 loss
  • As we mentioned Real Madrid chooses CAUSEUR | LLULL | RANDOLPH | TAVARES | TAYLOR in almost every round, this time stayed together for 13 minutes
  • The rest of the entries are a bit odd. We have Bayern BARTHEL | BOOKER | DEDOVIC | JOVIC | LUCIC recording a -6 and staying in the court for 12 minutes in a winning game! Same goes for Anadolu Efes BALBAY | BEAUBOIS | DUNSTON | MOERMAN | SIMON recording -2 in 10 minutes again in a winning game. On the opposite side, we have Fenerbahce GUDURIC | KALINIC | MELLI | SLOUKAS | VESELY recording +3 in 12 minutes in a losing game.


Best Pair of Players for PlusMinus

Now we can notice something. PETERS, ALEC has been part of the top-3 entries for pair of players. I noticed that his PIR ranking is not even in the top-3 of CSKA players for this round! You can see the positive influence he had in CSKA’s game in the rankings below. On his own he had a +27 in 29 minutes.

He was well-combined with CLYBURN, DE COLO and HUNTER. In the list there is also another pair from CSKA CLYBURN | RODRIGUEZ recording a +18 in 20 minutes while being together on the court. Of course the other powerhouse Real Madrid had yet again another entry on this list with CAMPAZZO | CARROLL recording a +18 in 19 minutes


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